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I've been on deviantART for 3 years now, and I think it's about time I updated this page with a new journal entry!  First of all I have to thank everyone who has taken the time to view my work and post their comments.  I really appreciate it!  The response I've gotten here on deviantART is incredible, and I have to say I was thrilled to see my page views roll over the 100,000 mark!!!   I've added lots of new art and you can expect to see more regular updates from now on!

If you want to see more of my work, be sure to check out my other galleries:



I also wanted to mention that I recently won awards for my Spider-man 3 and Jack Sparrow images.  Over the last few months those pictures have been featured on numerous websites, several cg magazines, and Pixologic has been using the images in their advertising and on their company banner at this years Siggraph!

...and for anyone that wants to check it out, I did an interview with 3Dcreative for their July issue:…
I've recently updated all my galleries with new art. There are lots of new drawings, paintings and tons of my professional coloring work.

Check out the links below!

Also, a few weeks ago I won a CG Network Award for my Hellgirl painting.  If you want to check that out, here's the link.…